The process for carving a spoon begins with the selection of the piece of wood. A rough sketch of the shape of the spoon is drawn on the wood and the shape is band sawn out. This is the last time a machine is used on this wood. Depending on the style, frequently the first step is drawknives and spokeshaves on the shaving horse. Next is a lot of knife work. Spoon gouge and scorp help with the bowls and then it's sanding until it feels like glass.
Each item we sell here is a unique, "one of a kind" item. It's important to check back weekly because our inventory is constantly changing.
I taught my wife how to carve. She'll ask me how much more a spoon needs to be sanded, and I tell her that only she can decide. There is no wrong way to carve a spoon, just different ways.
Hearkening back to simpler times
Hand carved spoons and bowls
a nice array of spoons and scoops
roy covered with wood shavings
two roses - one completed and one in the works
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