updated 04/13/2011
cypress coffee measure 3254
Once the inside of the bowl is finished, there will be more knife work done on the outside of the bowl and on the handle.  After that, rough sanding and finish sanding.
Ultimately, the finished coffee measure will look something like the one here on the right.  But, not exactly (as you can tell by the  different ones we have available).
This is an example of the stages in carving a coffee measure.  The middle walnut one is basic rough out (well, there has been a little bit of knife work done).  The orginial rough out shape is cut out on the band saw.  The top cypress one has some of the bottom of the handle knifed out.  The bottom cypress one has the more of the handle shape and some shaping on the outside of the bowl.  Because the measurement needs to be exactly 1/8 cup on the inside, the inside of the bowl will be finished before the outside.
This is a strainer spoon on the right.  I'm actually sanding the bowl before I finish the handle, trying to get a sense of proportion with it.
I did say that I'd have pictures of items that are in the works.  The bowl on the left is in the sanding stage.  One of the lessons you learn as a carver is that each stage should be left with the project as smooth as possible.  In other words, after gouging or knife work, the smoother the surface is, the less work there is in sanding.  The more thorough you are with rough sanding, the less final sanding you have to do.
coffee measure stages
walnut saw handle
strainer spoon
large walnut bowl
These are some items that can be carved out of a single piece of wood.  The chain in the middle is the first chain that Jim ever carved.  He used a piece of wood off of an old pallet he found, thinks it's linden but not certain.  The chain on the left is made out of walnut.  He has a few more links to cut out of it and then it will be listed under the carvings category.  The pliers on the right are also cut out of a single piece of wood, as is the walnut saw handle.
Jim's first chain - Basswood?
Jim's first pliers - basswood
walnut chain 7251
Our deepest apologies to everyone who has attempted to purchase on this site.  We designed this site with a program that is apparently unusable with Windows 7.  My computer crashed and my new one has Windows 7.  Add to that the continued saga of two Sears Hometown stores and I am finally able to access the site again to repair it.  It will take me a few days, but I will get this cleaned up.  And yes, I am looking at a new program for website design.  I'll just have to find the time to redesign the whole thing again.  The good news is that Jim has made some new pieces.  Some of the items currently on have been sold and I am also getting the shopping cart repaired.  Thank you all for your patience and I'll continue to update on progress.
****Updating again on what's happening - working on at least making the site usable today.  All of the items online should be current and the payment links should work.  I'm still trying to find another program and hoping my old laptop will hold on for a few more months.  Thanks again for everyone's patience.
Demea Loyd
On this page we'll try to update you on what's in the works.  Here we will have photos on upcoming items and try to give you an idea of when they will be done.  We'll also include some information on the art of spoonmaking.  Photos of tools, bits of trivia, etc. - essentially all the stuff you never knew you needed to know.  We appreciate feedback so drop us a line. Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting.                         Jim & Demea Loyd
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